Support Anki

Over the last few years, Anki has taken up more and more of my time. As of April 2010, I have quit my day job to work on it full time. I continue to make the desktop client freely available because I believe in the concept of open source software, and I know there are struggling students out there. But if you can afford even a little money, please consider supporting Anki. If I am not able to afford the server costs and the costs of daily living, I will have to give up Anki development and look for a job that pays the bills.

You can support Anki with PayPal, a credit card, iTunes or a bank transfer.

PayPal/Credit Cards

Because I live in Japan, regulatory requirements prevent me from simply asking for donations, so instead I offer Anki for sale on the online retailer 2Checkout. You can choose any price to pay. 2Checkout take 5%, and the rest of the money goes towards supporting Anki. 2Checkout support both PayPal and credit cards.

Amount in USD (you choose):

It is not necessary to create an account, verify your email and so on - you simply need to provide your contact information and payment method. Please note that 2Checkout requires accurate contact information. If you leave out information or enter invalid information when filling out the form, the order will not go through.

Please also note that payment via PayPal may not appear in all currencies - you may need to select USD in order to get PayPal to show up.


To raise money for development, I also sell Anki for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you own one of those devices, purchasing a copy is a good way to support Anki. If you don't own a mobile Apple device, this is not a good way to support Anki, as Apple take 30% of each purchase.

Bank Transfers

If you live in Japan, please contact me for my bank details.

I can also accept international money transfers, but they are expensive for the sender, so I do not recommend that option.


I'm afraid I can't accept Bitcoin payments, as they are complicated to report as taxable income. I also can't accept Flattr, as they require PayPal to receive money, and PayPal don't allow donations to Japan.

Legal Stuff

I'm required to post the following in order to accept money over the internet.

Terms and Conditions

Your money goes towards AnkiWeb hosting costs, and supporting the Anki author to continue to work on Anki.


Your credit card details are handled by the companies above - they are not divulged to me. They do send me your contact information, which I will not reveal to anyone.


If you purchased Anki via 2Checkout and change your mind, please drop me a line and I will refund your money. I'm afraid I'm not able to refund app store purchases or bank transfers.